Coming Summer 2022

Get ready for the ultimate collection of action.

Ocean Casino Resort is thrilled to announce The Gallery Bar, Book & Games, which will feature a 100-foot elevated bar and lounge, including 59 seats and 12 slot machines. A mix of blackjack and roulette tables will surround the perimeter of the bar, while 140 feet of LED walls will line the venue. A 17-foot open-air staircase will connect to Balcony Bar, a mezzanine bar and lounge where guests will enjoy the ultimate VIP sportsbook experience.

Through customizable lighting and a unique blend of rich textures and luxurious finishes, the 12,000-square-foot venue will set the stage for social gaming, big game nights, and an unforgettable afterhours experience.

While the venue is under construction, guests can still enjoy Sports Betting at Ocean. Fans can place sports wagers at two betting windows and catch live sporting events in various bars around property.


Coming Summer 2022