The New Jersey based trio known as Cash Cash might be globally renowned, but there is something about playing to a hometown dance floor that adds an extra layer of anticipation to their visit to HQ2 Nightclub this weekend, Saturday March 19th, Whether they are crafting their own tracks for artists like P!nk or remixing everyone from Katy Perry to Andy Grammar, Cash Cash have found that balance between their EDM roots and putting their signature touch on commercially spectacular projects. As we anticipate their visit to HQ2 this weekend, we compiled a list of Cash Cash tracks frame the sound that you are likely to hear this weekend when they take the decks at HQ2.

Quite simply, there is absolutely nothing like a classic. Cash Cash’ collaboration with established dance floor favorite P!nk titled  “Can We Pretend” were such a success that they spawned a remix package of their own! Putting an EDM spin on P!nk is a move of dance floor brilliance, and the euphoric and reflective lyrics (written with P!nk,  Ryan Tedder and Cash Cash themselves) offer up a bit of nostalgia packaged perfectly with stunning synths and throbbing baselines.

Known so well for their own productions, Cash Cash sometimes hit the studio and toss their masterful remixing skills onto a production by another well-known artist, resulting in a glorious musical moment. Recreating Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath” for the dance floors could seem like an arduous task, but in the hands of these Jersey remix masters, the track’s transition to an electronica dance stomper is seamless. Clarkson’s vocals stay front and center, but are given a glittering rework with drops and build ups at just the right moments in the track, with extended verses, offering up some true dance floor moments with one of pop music’s boldest voices, reworked with a fresh and very-welcome sound, courtesy of Cash Cash. (The bridge of this track is a true moment that must be heard directly from the middle of the dance floor)!

Reflective moments through music are always essential, and Wiz Khalifa and Lukas Graham’s track “Too Late” is one of those moments, completely amplified in the hands of Cash Cash. Showcasing the vocals on both Khalifa and Graham while at the same time putting their patented stamp on the track creates a gorgeous balance on the track. The builds and vocal trickery on the tracks are perfectly in line with the vibe of the track, making a moment to slow down and simply revel in the tracks lyrics  a welcome reprieve.

Bebe Rexhia’s seductive and slick vocals are welcome on any track she’s showcased on, but “Too Late” was many people’s introduction to her on the dance floor. Cash Cash managed to put bold and theatric sounds behind this equally larger than life, crafting a template that many artists since have followed to bring attention to artists on the dance floor. A favorite for longtime Cash Cash fans, it almost is not a Cash Cash dance floor without hearing Ms. Rexhia’s familiar vocals during the evening.

An unexpected treat out of Cash Cash as 2021 wrapped up was a package of tracks they released simply titled “Acoustic”. It contained some favorites that fans had been able to fall in love with on the dance floors, stripped down to be heard in a completely different way. Heavy vocals, piano, and lighter production elements gave gave tracks like “All My Love” (with Conor Maynard) a refreshed and totally welcome sound. Maynard’s vocals stay firmly in place, structured around lush percussion and sweeping vocal effects, giving the track and almost ethereal quality.

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