Each player at a Blackjack table has the option to make an additional wager that the player will be dealt a point count of twenty in the first two cards (Lucky Ladies).

The twenty point bonus wager/Lucky Ladies shall have no bearing on any other wager made by the player in the game of Blackjack. Prior to any additional cards being dealt, the
dealer will settle all twenty point bonus wagers/Lucky Ladies by collecting all losing wagers and paying all winning wagers according to the posted paytable.

If the dealer’s upcard is a ten, jack, queen, king or ace and a player who has placed a twenty point bonus/Lucky Ladies wager has two Queens of Hearts, that player’s bonus wager
will be settled after all other bonus wagers.


Queen of Hearts pair with Dealer Blackjack1000 to 1
Queen of Hearts pair125 to 1
Matched 20 (two identical cards)19 to 1
Suited 209 to 1
Any 204 to 1

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