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Atlantic City Boardwalk and skyline

Enjoy Atlantic City to The Fullest with This Essential One Day, One Night Itinerary

Published: June 2023

From breathtaking ocean vistas to some of the best gambling establishments the world over, there’s a wide variety of sites to take in during your stay in Atlantic City. You could spend a lifetime in America’s Playground and still not try all the wonderful food, fun, and festivities the city has to offer.

Thus, make time for the best of the best during your vacation in A.C. And if you don’t want to miss out on the most sensational moments, Ocean Casino Resort has you covered.

With so many activities to choose from, we asked ourselves one question: What should someone do if they only had one day in the city? From incredible views to superlative cuisine, this guide tells you exactly where to look to find the best of Atlantic City. 

Begin on the Boardwalk

Atlantic City’s world-famous boardwalk is perhaps its biggest and best-known attraction. And, if you choose one of Ocean Casino Resort’s world-class hotel rooms or suites, your backyard will be the boardwalk during your stay.

So, take advantage of this close proximity by beating the tourist traffic with a morning stroll along the ocean. As you saunter and soak in the spectacular scenery, remember that some of the planks and pavement you walk on date all the way back to 1870, when construction on the boardwalk began. 

Then, after basking in the historical significance of the area and the majesty of the Atlantic, you can turn your attention to the business side of the boardwalk where you’ll find:

  • A plethora of merchandise from chic outerwear to homey souvenirs 
  • Some of the best live shows on the planet
  • A range of restaurants, bars, and lounges
  • Casinos with sweeping floors of slots and table games
  • Family attractions of all kinds, such as arcades and fun houses

You could easily spend a whole day shopping, playing, and exploring all that the boardwalk has to offer. But, after your morning walk, you’ll probably be hankering for some breakfast.

Fuel Up For the Day

Atlantic City is famous for its exceptional dining options, and some of the best restaurants in town are located directly inside Ocean Casino Resort. To start your day off right, we suggest a classic breakfast at Serendipity3, an iconic New York staple turned Atlantic City favorite.

Their menu has been pleasing palates in the Big Apple for nearly 70 years, and now they’ve opened up a location right in Ocean Casino Resort, offering:

  • Breakfast classics such as bacon, eggs, and French toast
  • A variety of delectable pancake platters
  • Tempting brunch cocktails (it's never too early when you’re on vacation)

If you’re not feeling breakfast food, Serendipity3 is located just across the hall from The District Food Court where dining options, breakfast and beyond, abound.

Bask in Some Rays on a Beautiful Beach

Just past the boardwalk lies Atlantic City’s collection of public beaches. When the sun’s peaking and the weather’s hot, they’re an ideal place to take a dip.

Unfortunately, erosion has long been a problem in the city, and the beaches aren’t as wide and full as they once were. Thus, Ocean Casino Resort has decided to add nearly 13,000 tons of sand to the beachfront behind our property. So, if you’re looking for a spot to sprawl out comfortably, there’s plenty of space just across the boardwalk from us. 

To maximize fun in the sun:

Leg It Over to the Orange Loop

The Orange Loop is Atlantic City’s liveliest dining and nightlife district. Just like the boardwalk (with which it intersects), you could spend eternity visiting its various restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes, and shops. Some musts to try in the area include:

Catch a Show at Ovation Hall

There are lots of shows to see in Atlantic City, but the hottest of them all are held in Ovation Hall. From hip-hop to rock and roll to stand-up comedy, there’s no shortage of lively performances to take in at Ocean Casino Resort.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect date or to make unforgettable memories with close friends, Ovation Hall hosts shows for any occasion. 

That said, when the show ends, the excitement doesn’t have to.

Get Your Game On

Just below Ovation Hall sits our vast and varied gaming floor. For many tourists to Atlantic City, reveling in the glitz and glamor of the casinos is the main reason behind their trip. 

At Ocean Casino Resort, we take gaming seriously. While we know a seasoned gambler plays their cards close to the vest, it’s hard to be humble about our accomplishments. Our world-class casino has been awarded numerous honors by Casino Player Magazine, including:

  • Best Overall Gaming Resort
  • Casino Where You Feel the Luckiest
  • Best Betting Options
  • Friendliest Sportsbook

You’d be remiss to come to A.C. without playing your luck at one of our titillating tables, sizzling slots, or smashing sportsbooks. Then, coming off the heat of your wagers, consider cooling off with a nightcap.

Unlock a New Level of Fun with Atlantic City’s NIghtlife 

There’s a reason they call A.C. America’s Playground: we’re jammed with world-class bars, clubs, and lounges. In Atlantic City, the fun never stops. Liquor establishments are free to serve drinks whenever they see fit, so there’s no need to worry about making it to the bar before last call. 

For a blast of a time, check out HQ2, Ocean Casino Resort’s nightlife nexus where old friends celebrate and new ones are made. The dance floor is waiting.



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