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Seeds of the Ocean Beer

The Seed: A Living Beer Project x Ocean Exclusive Birthday Collaboration
The seed

Introducing Ocean Casino Resort's exclusive beer, Seeds of The Ocean! Ocean teamed up with Atlantic City’s only brewery, The Seed - A Living Beer Project, to create a pale lager with marigold and aged hops that tells the story of both Ocean and The Seed. The base grain is a mix of Pilsner malt and a slightly higher kilned pale barley, all from Rabbit Hill Farms in Shiloh, NJ. The beer is brewed with a mix of fresh and aged hops lending a deep herbal, citrus, earthy, and round hop character with a very restrained aged hop "funk"/complexity.

Find this exclusive beer at:

Or better yet, if you love what you taste (we know you will), purchase your own 4-pack at Bottled!

Available beginning Memorial Day Weekend!

the seed
A Message From The Seed

"It is so very exciting to be included in Ocean Casino Resort's 5th Birthday Celebration and to be collaborating with their team on a beer that whole heartedly tells the story of both businesses. A strong collaborative landscape forms the foundation of positive growth within a community, and having casinos support the many up and coming small businesses in Atlantic City can only further solidify the excitement we have for this city's future."

Amanda & Sean, The Seed Team
Photo Gallery

About The Seed

The Seed: A Living Beer Project is exactly that; a living, dynamic, ever-changing exploration into the convergence of indigenous ingredients, local agriculture, community, and fermentation. As a brewery project, we use our medium of beer to tell the story of the land and the people of southern NJ. Each and every one of the beers that we produce include locally grown grains, and the focused lager and saison programs are born of 100% NJ grown and malted grains. By using grain, flowers, fruit, and other ingredients grown from the land that we call home, we are able to harness a focused sense of place and time with every single beer that we produce. By choosing to embrace natures variability instead of fighting to negate it, we are able to respect, highlight, and preserve one-of-a-kind moments to share with you all. This limitless opportunity, of working with ebbs and flows of our home, is what fuels our obsessive passion and inspiration for telling a story through nature's ingredients.


Be sure to follow The Seed on Facebook and like them on Instagram.


Visit us at 807 Baltic Ave Unit 4, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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