Start learning how to play EZ Baccarat today. EZ Baccarat is played the same as traditional Baccarat except there is no longer a 5% commission on winning bank wagers.


A Dragon 7 hand occurs when the Banker’s Hand wins with a three-card total of 7 and the Player’s Hand has less than 7. When this happens, the Banker Hand is a “push”, meaning it does not win or lose. The Player wager and Tie wager lose as they normally would. The Dragon 7 wager wins and is paid 40 to 1.


A three-card winning “Player’s hand” totaling 8 is called a “Panda 8”. When a Panda 8 occurs, the player bet is paid 1 to 1 and the Banker, Tie and Dragon 7 bet lose. A wager on the Panda 8 shall win if the “Player’s Hand” is a panda 8 hand and lose if it is any other hand. Winning Panda 8 wagers are paid 25 to 1.

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