Right now self-care is more important than ever, and that includes when we are away from home. Thankfully, Exhale Spa at Ocean Casino Resort is available for all of your “treat yourself” needs.
Exhale has ascended to the top of the Spas of America list for 2019 and 2020, and is now listed as the site’s #1 spa in New Jersey. With brand new treatments and luxurious amenities, make sure you make an appointment for your next visit. I chatted with Director Stacy Meyers on the changes the facility has gone through during the past year, as well as what customers can expect when they visit the stunning and relaxing facility on their next visit.

Michael Cook: Tell me about Exhale Spa and the variety of treatments & services that they offer.


Stacy Meyers: Exhale Spa is an international brand that has been around for about 13 years. We really focus on the wellness portion of the spa industry. What makes the Ocean Casino Resort location so unique is our facility. We have an amazing 3,000 square-foot Turkish-style bathhouse, as well as a gorgeous Himalayan sea salt grotto. The facility also features co-ed spaces which I believe are distinctive to this area. The bathhouse is adults-only, which is great for those who are really looking to have the ultimate relaxation experience. 
MC: Working in a spa industry must have been extremely challenging during the last year. What are some of the challenges that you have faced? 
SM: Right as quarantine started, we began our preparations for reopening. We really wanted to look at every avenue and see how we could make this an experience where everyone feels comfortable and where we are presenting a safe atmosphere. Every therapist took and passed a sterilization certification class over quarantine. We had extensive training in which we went through every cleaning protocol and increased our standards between therapies – this included everything from the way that we dressed the massage tables to removing lockers and seating areas to allow for social distancing. We have trained the staff to be mindful that if you are bringing guests somewhere that is crowded, to look for an alternate path.  It’s about having the comfort and the safety of the guests in the forefront of our minds at all times. I think many of these safety protocols will remain in place even as restrictions are lifted. 
MC: How does the salt grotto amenity contribute to the entire Exhale Spa experience? 
SM: As a spa guest, you have full access to Exhale’s salt grotto. It is a stunning room made up of Himalayan salt bricks that are lit from behind, giving it a beautiful amber hue. The amber hue induces a meditative and calming state from the moment you walk in. The health benefits include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can contribute to a healthy respiratory system. It is also helpful for both depression and anxiety. Negative ions are released from the bricks, which causes your body to release serotonin. Overall it is a great place to sit and relax with your significant other or a friend, grab a cup of our signature tea and just decompress; it is unlike anything else in Atlantic City. 
MC: As time goes on, what do you think you might have coming that will be new when people visit Exhale Spa? Exhale-Therapy-Room
SM: We have a great upgrade that we just started; it is our hand and / or foot exfoliation. It is a sugar and oil scrub, followed by a warm towel application where the reflex points on your hands and feet are activated with the warm towel. It is finished with a massage featuring hydration cream. The hand treatment has been extremely popular because of the beating that our hands are taking based on how much we are washing and sanitizing. I think people are going to be very excited about this experience in particular. 
MC: What drew you to the business of spas?
SM: I had moved to Utah to ski, but there is a very large focus on wellness in that area. When I moved home, I went to massage school and loved it. My love for high-end wellness continued, and I just love where you can give someone that relaxation and the results, that is where my heart lies. 
MC: For the spa novice who might have never visited a spa before, what do you think a perfect treatment or amenity would be for them to try as their “first”? 
SM: I would suggest they get the Flow Massage. That is our signature therapeutic massage. You never want to push someone into something too deep-pressure. We try to educate guests on their first visit that communication is key; give your therapist feedback, that is how we are able to tailor the experience just to you. I think the Flow as our signature massage, has some pressure involved and some stretching involved…but not too much, making it perfect for a first timer. 
*Some services may not be available at this time