With summer in full effect, that means plenty of sun, lots of sunscreen, and even more reason to give your skin that little extra dose of TLC. Luckily, Exhale Spa is steps away from the beach and pool for all of your skincare and rejuvenation needs. Our Spa Director, Stacy Meyers, gave us the inside scoop on treatments that Exhale Spa currently offers that would be the perfect addition to your summer weekend at Ocean Casino Resort.

Exhale Spa is quite simply, the best spot in Atlantic City to give your skin that dose of pampering that it needs.

The Glow Body Scrub treatment will give you that little extra sparkle this summer. Exhale’s signature Body Scrub Therapy polishes your skin like never before. Both dry brushing and body scrubbing techniques are used simultaneously to both exfoliate and improve your skin, while also detoxifying the body and increasing circulation throughout. Following the treatment, a rich and plentiful application of antioxidant moisturizer is applied.

If you’re looking for a facial treatment that will give you a complete reboot, the POWER Facial is able to be customized to give you optimal results. This particular therapy is adaptable to work on everything from standard aging to sun damage, while you luxuriate in tranquility. Starting with a selected exfoliation mask that prepares your skin for both extraction and detoxification, the treatment concludes with your choice of the Cool Beam or Ultrasonic therapies, all based on your desired results. You will leave Exhale with your skin invigorated, feeling both completely hydrated and remarkably smooth.

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