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Lunar New Year Specials

Zhen Bang Noodle & Sushi

Friday, January 28 – Tuesday, February 15

Ring in the Lunar New Year and indulge in Asian delicacies at Zhen Bang Noodle & Sushi from Friday, January 28 through Tuesday, February 15. This specialty menu features classic dishes which symbolize wealth, love and harmony; including a Golden Buddha’s Delight Roll, Lobster with Glass Noodles & Minced Pork, and more. It’s the Year of the Tiger, which celebrates the adventure in life. Plan your adventure to Zhen Bang for a Lunar New Year feast!

Symbolizing Wealth
Golden Buddha’s Delight Roll – $14
Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Mushrooms, Sea Moss, Vermicelli, Bean Curd Wrapper, Crispy Golden Batter

Symbolizing the Love of Two People
Twin Crispy Squab – $58
Two Spiced & Braised Squab, Sichuan Spiced Salt, Lemon

Symbolizing Good Health & Energy
Lobster with Glass Noodles & Minced Pork – “Fierce as the Dragon & Tiger” – $68
Stir-Fried Whole Northern Atlantic Lobster-in-Shell, Spicy Minced Pork, Glass Noodles

Symbolizing Harmony
“Poon Choi” – $158 (2-4 people)/$288 (5-8 people)
A classic of Cantonese Cuisine, especially in Hong Kong.
A “casserole” dish consisting of various proteins & vegetables served together in a large vessel – intended for sharing.
Abalone, Chicken, Prawns, Roasted Pork, Mushrooms, Sea Moss, Vermicelli, Cabbage