From American Cut to Distrito, Ocean Casino Resort‘s restaurants consistently showcase the ability to pair stunning entrees with perfectly matched and seasonal sides. The Jersey Shore is known for its in season summer corn, and a number of our restaurants have added this vibrant vegetable to their summer menus.


Already known for its always point perfect Italian fare, Dolce Mare features the Little Gem Salad (fresh avocado, grape tomatoes and in-season corn, accompanied by a both sweet and savory sherry vinaigrette.) The Day Boat scallops are always a favorite, and are only enhanced by the peas, in-season corn, carrots, pearl onions, crispy prosciutto, and port reduction.


American Cut offers a number of steakhouse staples, but several of the dishes offered up currently are summer perfection. The NJ Diver Scallop dish offers chive oil, and Tobiko roe (the Japanese word for flying fish roe) served, accompanied by corn puree. The Tex Mex special offers up a steakhouse twist on the famed Mexican dish, with plentiful seasonal corn sprinkled throughout the dish.


Corn is a staple of so many of the rich and authentic dishes at Chef Jose Garces’-owned Distrito, but adding that flavor of authentic Jersey corn brings a touch of East Coast flavor to the dishes. The Queso, Carne Guisado, and Pollo Quesadillas are all served with a Jersey¬†Corn and black bean mix.


Already known to be the premier space in Atlantic City for raucous rock-n-roll, Villain & Saint also serves up some pretty stellar dishes of their own. The corn & crab chowder is a fantastic coming up on fall dish (served with summer Jersey corn, of course), while the jumbo lump crab, roasted corn, potatoes, and cream merges a plethora of summer flavors together perfectly.


Both the Atlantic Ocean & Atlantic City Boardwalk views from Topgolf Swing Suite are consistently pristine, but the food offerings at Topgolf are just as on-point. The Maryland crap boil is a summer-feast, showcasing all things seasonal; snow crab legs, shrimp, mussels, clams, crawfish, andouille sausage, red bliss potatoes, and topped off by fresh corn on the cob. The Lobster special is especially decadent, with lemon, drawn butter, Mexican corn, and perfectly roasted potatoes.


Avila Lounge offers the premier VIP lounge experience in Atlantic City, so it makes sense that their food options should be just as decadent. Among the various offerings, the Roast Salmon Medallions (along with vibrant baby arugula and Jersey corn succotash) are the perfect dish to enjoy as you take a break from the casino floor.


Known to be available to Ocean Rewards’ Reserve Cardholders, Luna matches eye-catching Atlantic City views along with equally decadent food options. Among the menu items are dishes like the Cape May Diver Scallop, served with crisp asparagus, Jersey corn coulis, and bacon lardon.