Grabbing cocktails with friends after work is an American institution, and a necessary one after some workdays. American Cut is upping the Happy Hour game with their weekly happy hour experience. The Cut Hour offers post-work relaxation Ocean Casino Resort-style. Every Tuesday through Friday from 5pm to 7pm, you can grab a specialty cocktail, have a quick bite, and soak up the stunning Atlantic Ocean views.

The Cut Hour also has a menu crafted to elevate your happy hour experience including:
  • Vodka Or Gin Your Way (On The “Rocks”, Dirty, Soda or Juice) for $9
  • Beer Of the Day (bottle of draft) for $5
  • Sommelier’s Selection of red or white wine
The food selections at American Cut for The Cut Hour run the gamut from wonderfully eclectic, like its Bison Tacos for $10, to seaside classic like the Tuna Sashimi for $12. The $8 Bar Bite menu is perfect when you want to grab a light oceanside snack like the succulent Baked Clams or the decadent Truffle Fries.