As summer reaches its peak, Ocean Casino Resort is continuing their ongoing commitment to partner with and collaborate with local community organizations. The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City continues their work with children of all ages in the local community and by the beginning of 2020, were serving 1,300 Atlantic City youth at three separate facilities.

Ocean Casino Resort and owner, Luxor Capital Group, donated a combined $10,000 to support The Boys & Girls Club’s summer STEAM Lab program. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics educational programs are available at all three locations of the Boys & Girls Club in an effort to combat the “summer slide” of learning.  STEAM Labs are customized to all ages — children to teenagers.

The Boys & Girls Club students are given a space to build circuits, practice digital arts, conduct scientific experiments, learn to code and become exposed to all forms of innovative learning. Whether it is giving their artistic expression a voice through painting, drawing, sculpting, or even diving into the world of music & video production, STEAM labs is there to “fuel the next generation of leaders”.

For More Information or To Donate To The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, click here.