What is casino credit?

Casino credit is a way to secure funds from your checking account for your pleasure at our table games and slot machines. There are no fees or service charges of any kind to use your Ocean Premier credit line. Minimum credit line starts at $500.

How to use casino credit.

If you play slot machines, you would proceed to the casino cage, present your ID and ask for a marker. You can sign a marker for any amount up to your available credit limit. The cashier will then issue you cash or a slot voucher to play with. If you play table games, you would proceed to the game of your choice (excluding poker room) and ask a dealer for a marker. The table games supervisor will issue you chips to play with.

When do you have to pay back the balance of your credit line?

Markers that have been issued to you during your stay are considered to be counter checks and have deposit dates based on their face value.
• Markers up to $1,000 will be deposited to your checking account in 7 calendar days
• $1,001 up to and including $5,000 will be deposited in 14 calendar days
• $5,001 and above will be deposited in 45 calendar days

Smaller markers may be consolidated at the end of your trip in person at the casino cage for additional time. The consolidated marker’s deposit date will be based on the final amount, beginning with the issue date of the oldest marker.

Apply For Credit