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Unleash Your Inner Golf Pro at TopGolf Swing Suites at Ocean Casino Resort

Published: August 2022

With massive screens that make gameplay fully immersive and larger-than-life, accommodating bays with comfortable seating and enough room for your best friends or the entire family, and casino-adjacent, Boardwalk-adjacent, and ocean-adjacent fun, TopGolf Swing Suites at Ocean Casino Resort is the biggest facility of its kind in the country, and making the top of your travel to-do list.

Unfamiliar with TopGolf and how it’s reshaping leisure time in the 21st century? Keep reading for everything you need to know about TopGolf Swing Suite—and how you can make it the main attraction of your next getaway.

What is TopGolf?

TopGolf is the brainchild of twin brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe. In the early 2000s, they conceived of an idea that would combine the friendly competition of the driving range with the low-stakes, non-intimidating fun of a batting cage or bowling alley. 

Soon, the brothers developed their patented World Golf System. In North America, the technology was licensed to TopGolf, who officially bought the technology a few years later. 

Now, TopGolf has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with dozens of official locations all across three continents, including:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Australia 

The best way to describe TopGolf is as an indoor driving range that replaces the green with a digital screen. Part physical activity, part video game, it works much the same way as a real driving range. You stand in front of a screen holding a real driver club. Your swing is synced to the screen, which displays a digital projection of the ball you “hit” sailing over a beautiful midway. 

But TopGolf isn’t just about the sport. TopGolf suites transform the driving into your favorite neighborhood hang with full bars, full menus, music, and lounge service to keep you libated and entertained. Fun, unique, and suitable for all ages and skill levels, it’s quickly becoming America’s new favorite pastime.

How Does Ocean Casino Resort Elevate TopGolf?

We start with all the amenities that make TopGolf Swing Suites such a winning strategy at any location, like dedicated lounge service, great cocktails, and comfortable, lounge-style seating. Plus our killer TopGolf menu features everything from crab legs and lobster specials to patty melts and spinach dip. 

Then, we crank things up a few notches. Here’s what sets TopGolf Swing Suites at Ocean Casino Resort apart from other locations: 

  • Indoor suites – Many TopGolf locations use real golf balls so they’re partially outside. At Ocean Casino Resort, our fully digital gameplay brings the fun indoors into a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. You know what that means: No weather delays or rain checks.
  • Larger bays – Whereas most TopGolf locations feature playing bays that accommodate up to six guests, our bays can hold eight. Can you think of a better way to maximize the fun than adding two more to your entourage?
  • Game variety – Not super into golf? No sweat. Our bays also feature digital baseball, hockey, and zombie dodgeball so that everyone can find a game they enjoy.
  • Onsite casino and betting – You don’t have to miss the fun of Atlantic City’s world-class gambling scene to squeeze a few rounds of TopGolf. At Ocean Casino Resort, you can place your bets and try your luck without leaving the premises.

How much is TopGolf? TopGolf prices at Ocean Casino Resort include bay rentals for $50 per hour for up to eight people—and rentals are available every day.

Drive the Fun at Ocean Casino Resort 

Dazzling ocean views; world-class bars, restaurants, and nightclubs; and entertainment options for the entire family. At Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, we’re more than just the home of the nation’s largest TopGolf NJ Swing Suites location—although even we have to admit, that’s a pretty big draw.

When you stay in Atlantic City, stay at Ocean Casino Resort—Atlantic City’s premier oceanfront casino resort. We offer luxurious rooms with views of the Atlantic Ocean, live performances from the world’s most sought-after DJs and performers, and special appearances by the world’s biggest celebrities—all in one elevated, high-class location.

Ready to find out what Ocean can do for you? Book your room today—the sooner you make your reservation, the sooner you can wake up in paradise.


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