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Leave It To The Professionals: IT Team Appreciation

Published: September 2022

This September, we’re celebrating IT Professionals Day—an ode to Ocean Casino Resort’s applications engineers, systems managers, and database administrators who ensure our small city continues to flourish.

From strengthening security and automating rote tasks to replacing applications, our dedicated IT team of keen and fervent tinkerers keep Ocean Casino Resort afloat—and everlastingly seaside. 

Join us as we raise a glass to our technological superminds, who work tirelessly behind the curtain to ensure our high-rollers, nightlife-goers, and resortists indulge in all that Ocean Casino Resort has to offer. 

Rob gif


The Role of Ocean Casino Resort’s IT Team

In a flurry, you book a room, make a reservation at Exhale Spa + Bathhouse, buy a few tickets for the latest show at Ovation Hall, and finish off your spree by registering an account for Ocean Online

The process is speedy, smooth-sailing, and effortless—and all thanks to Ocean Casino’s IT Team.

Hotel Operations

In most hotels, IT professionals work behind the scenes to implement and monitor software systems that manage bookings, the website, and internal communications, including phone systems, PCS, printers, servers, and internet for employees and guests alike.

IT development managers, like our very own Chris Salyers, oversee our campus’ computer activities to upgrade software and secure the hotel and casino’s IT infrastructure with enthusiasm and dedication:

“Not only do I have the opportunity to develop technology, but I am also able to develop 

people,” says Salyers. “There are so many gifted and enthusiastic individuals in this industry, and it’s an absolute pleasure to mentor and train them while learning a few things for myself along the way. We all win together!”

Our IT team members also keep our Facebook and Twitter pages up and running to deliver online bonuses, benefits, and seasonal specials to VIP members across the country.

Kevin Gif

Casino Operations

When a casino is involved in a hotel’s operations, an IT team is given additional challenges and responsibilities. 

Technology has transformed the betting industry to improve:


  • Online betting – Ocean Online, our digital casino, operates seamlessly thanks to our IT experts who manage our help desk to provide support via phone, email, and chat from morning until night. At Ocean Casino Resort, customer service always comes first. The IT team also works tirelessly to maintain our sports betting platform that delivers live in-game odds.


  • Visuals – Ocean Casino Resort’s state-of-the-art interactive gaming, which includes TopGolf, zombie dodgeball, and baseball, couldn’t function without the support of our tech experts. 


  • Gaming – Our casino houses a variety of slot machines, including video reel and video poker that are regularly maintained by our staff to offer our guests the best betting experience possible. 

Our team of IT experts are there 24/7 to keep operations running smoothly. They build cybersecurity infrastructure to protect guest’s personal information, comply with industry regulations, and troubleshoot technological issues, whether it's a problem with a payment or gameplay itself. 

They take a proactive approach with advanced and comprehensive security measures—upgrading and updating systems regularly, conducting firewall audits, and implementing disaster recovery systems.

Entertainment Operations

From Ovation Hall’s unmatched sound to HQ2 Nightclub’s spectacular theatrics, nightlife at Ocean Casino Resort is more than live music and even better drinks—it’s an experience. And our IT experts make it happen. 

They champion Ocean Casino Resort’s AV studio to monitor the audio/visual components of each DJ set and performance to ensure every show is absolutely spectacular. At Ocean Casino Resort, it’s not all smoke and mirrors—we have a real team of professionals working behind the scenes to make your night one to remember.

Restaurant Operations

Applications engineers like Kevin Sutton have transformed the way we wine and dine. With the recent implementation of the recipe module for all food and beverage venues across the resort, our team has gained better control of expenses across production.

But what exactly does the recipe module do?

This system manages and monitor recipes to streamline the food preparation process with various functions, including:


  • Master recipe and sub-recipe management – A visual recipe editor allows chefs to create, import, and export recipes across the chopping board.


  • Recipe security – We have a secret recipe or two, and recipe security functions allow chefs to keep their best kept secrets just that…secret. Operators can assign user roles and set permissions for each recipe.


  • Recipe scaling – If you and your party walk into Amada and each order our Paella Valenciana, we have the tools to scale recipes and fill your stomachs with just the right amount of chorizo, mussels, and saffron aioli.  


  • Variance tracking – To ensure our production values meet recipe values, our IT team has implemented various systems to prevent quality or production issues. 

Chris s gif


Our Team’s Winnings

At Ocean Casino Resort, our IT team likes to leave with the highest payout. In addition to the success of the recipe module, our IT pros have waged many lucrative bets. After all, they’re high-rollers—they take risks and always hold their own.

More specifically, Robert Cavotto, manager of systems infrastructure, has implemented various systems that have improved the resort’s security, including:


  • AppLocker, which functions with Windows 7 to enforce software restriction policies that control whether an app can run based on users or groups


  • VPN changes, which can guard against hackers and protect personal information when browsing on a WiFi network 


  • Firewall audits, to identify potential vulnerabilities and comply with internet security protocols 


  • MFA automation of rote tasks, including offboarding and distribution lists


Additionally, the IT team has spearheaded the Employee Callout IVR, which allows employees of the resort to call into an automated phone system to identify open shifts or leave a message for a manager. 

Lastly, the implementation of IPTV headend delivers digital television services to every room at Ocean Casino Resort to cut costs and create the best guest experience possible.

Thank You, IT Team—From Everyone Here At Ocean Casino Resort

As we end this toast to our technological virtuosos, we once again want to thank everyone in the IT department for your continued dedication, enthusiasm, and dexterity when it comes to everything we do here at Ocean Casino Resort.

To many more years of gadgets, gizmos, and gains.



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