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Introducing Mussels: Ocean Casino Resort’s New Fitness Hub

Published: May 2024

Introducing Mussels: Ocean Casino Resort’s New Fitness Hub

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is a shrine to big wins, pulsing beats, world-class entertainment, and seaside fun. But just because you’re jetsetting to the gem of the Northeast doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fitness routine.

Especially when you choose Ocean Casino Resort as your Atlantic City Boardwalk hotel. 

We’re excited to introduce Mussels, our new and improved fitness center. The furthest possible venue from the run-of-the-mill hotel gym, Mussels is a shrine to all things wellness. And our updated machines (complete with Peloton equipment and an Echelon Reflect) are just a fraction of what our new gym space has to offer. 

Let’s dive into everything Mussels brings to the table for fitness-savvy travelers. 

Peak Fitness with Peloton

First, let’s touch on one of our favorite additions to the Ocean Casino Resort wellness headquarters: new Peloton machines.

As the face of fitness today, Peloton workout equipment offers top-of-the-line performance, user friendliness, and unmatched connection to the fitness community. Whether you’re a Peloton bike devotee or the master of the Peloton rower, we’ve got you covered—Mussels now features four bikes and two rowers for guests who savor the perfect cardio burn.

Why did we choose Peloton for our cutting-edge fitness space?

  • Familiarity – Since so many of our guests have Peloton equipment at home, visiting Mussels will feel like stepping into your home gym. And if you haven’t yet been initiated into the Peloton community, why not get your first introduction at Ocean Casino Resort?
  • Personalization – With so many instructors and workouts to choose from (from distance workouts to HIIT and more), Peloton fitness experiences are truly bespoke. 
  • Excellence – Simply put, Ocean Casino Resort strives to be the best in everything we do—including curating exceptional fitness experiences for our guests. Peloton is the best in the fitness game. 

The Perfect Yoga Space

If you’re more into fitness flow than cardio, don’t worry—Mussels has the perfect yoga space for you.

Complete with mats, blocks, mirrors, and more, our yoga enclave is the perfect spot for your sun salutations, flexibility work, strength-building, and body weight fitness activities. 

Why did we create a yoga-specific space inside Mussels?

  • Ocean Casino Resort is an action-packed resort destination—but we’re also an ideal venue for vacationers looking to rejuvenate, center, and enjoy the tranquility of the waterfront. 
  • Everyone has a unique approach to fitness, and we wanted Mussels to cater to as many fitness avenues as possible. Whether you’re into slow flow, high-intensity cardio, or pumping iron, we have the resources you need to stay strong while escaping the day-to-day.

A Fresh Face for Our Fitness Center

When you enter our new and improved fitness space for the first time, you’re sure to notice our facelift—we’ve completely redesigned our fitness space to reflect today’s athletic vibe. 

The Mussels theme reflects the best of today’s wellness spaces and weaves in our resort-wide motifs:

  • Greenery – Situated on 20 glittering acres of pristine waterfront, Ocean Casino Resort is one with the natural world. At Mussels, we’ve brought a taste of the outside in—our greenery enlivens our fitness space with a nod to the world outside. 
  • Calming colors – As we curated the Mussels palette, we wanted to invoke the peaceful, encouraging environment you’d find in the most elegant fitness spaces today. 
  • Flow – As you move between machines or explore our offerings on your first visit to Mussels, you’ll find a natural current throughout our fitness space. We wanted to make it easy to complete your familiar set or try something new. 

This is the face of the premiere resort fitness center: a lively, fresh, movement-oriented space to nourish your body and spirit.

The Mussels Mindset

The most important change to our fitness center isn’t one that you can see—but it’s one that you can feel. 

As the premiere resort on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Ocean Casino Resort strives for excellence in all of our offers. After a much-needed revamp, Mussels now exudes that extra-special something guests also find in our sumptuous menus, our casino gaming, our award-winning spa, and all of our other amenities. 

With a truly upscale fitness center, Ocean Casino Resort now offers guests everything they’re looking for when they choose a Boardwalk vacation destination. 

Ocean Casino Resort: Wellness, Water, and Wins

If you’re looking for the perfect resort venue for your next girl’s trip, babymoon, solo vacation, or family excursion, look no further than Ocean Casino Resort. 

We’re proud to offer the best of the Atlantic City Boardwalk all on one property: between our heart-pounding nightclub beats, our stacked docket of live entertainment, our chef-crafted menus, and our luxurious amenities, we simply have everything today’s vacationers are looking for. 

Ready to discover the true meaning of a beach getaway? Start planning your stay at Ocean Casino Resort now.

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