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The seed

Published: June 2023

Cheers to our Fifth Birthday with Exclusive Beverages from The Seed & Little Water Distillery

Fun times (and amazing drinks) are brewing at Ocean Casino Resort! For the last five years, we’ve been pouring brilliant beers, crisp cocktails, and other refreshing drinks to accompany exceptional food and entertainment on Atlantic City's world-famous boardwalk.

Now, to honor this anniversary, we’re pairing up with some local liquor legends to make a limited-edition beer and cocktail to tempt our guests’ palates. 

Move over, celebratory champagne—there are new birthday beverages in America’s Playground. If you love cold, delicious drinks and hot gaming energy, get down to Ocean Casino Resort this summer to get your hands on these limited-edition offerings.

Meet Seeds of the Ocean: A Truly Breathtaking Brew

The Seed Brewery refers to itself as A Living Beer Project because of its commitment to developing its techniques and ingredients to keep up with the times. From germinating grains to fine-tuning fermentation, their “dynamic, ever-changing exploration” of the brewing process has resulted in a wide array of unique, exceptional beers on tap.

As the only brewery based in Atlantic City, The Seed takes pride in using local ingredients and naturally occurring yeast to craft beers that are authentically Garden State-grown. Seeds of the Ocean is a mouthwatering pale lager made from ingredients cultivated just an hour down the Atlantic City Expressway in Shiloh, New Jersey. 


To achieve Seeds of the Ocean’s exceptionally smooth taste and crisp finish, brewmasters Amanda and Sean utilize a unique melange of ingredients, including:

  • Marigolds – Marigolds are brilliantly-colored flowers native to Central America and Southern Mexico. Their taste is similar to that of tarragon—they have citrusy, peppery qualities, and a tinge of licorice accents their flavor and aroma.
  • Pilsner malt – Pilsner malt is an essential grain in the production of quality lagers. It’s a neutral, clean-tasting cereal that produces beers that are light on the palate with slight bready qualities.
  • Pale barley – Barley provides a smokey, earthy kick to balance against pilsner malt’s lightness. Seeds of the Ocean’s barley is roasted in a hot kiln to bring out its nuttiness and ashy notes, then added in moderation to maintain the beer’s easy-drinking nature.
  • Fresh and aged hops – Hops provide the bitter, herbaceous qualities that define many different types of beer. Seeds of the Ocean combines both fresh and aged varieties to enhance its citrusy and earthy flavors. While the classic funkiness of hops is detectable in the brew, it's complementary, rather than overwhelming. 

The result of this varied cornucopia of ingredients is a pleasing sensation that both beer fanatics and casual sippers can enjoy. If brews really aren’t your kind of beverage, however, Ocean Casino Resort has another satisfying surprise up our sleeves.

The Chocolate Cake Martini: A Birthday Cocktail Worth Celebrating

Guests at Ocean Casino Resort can have their cake and drink it, too. That’s because we’ve teamed up with the dashing distillers at Little Water Distillery to create a rich and indulgent cake cocktail worthy of our brilliant birthday bash. 

Little Water is a craft distillery located just a few blocks from the boardwalk and Ocean Casino Resort. They specialize in making spirits the old-fashioned way—as in, they literally distill liquor in the style of an Old Fashioned. They also offer other sensationally spirituous selections, including:

  • Glorious gin
  • Remarkable rums
  • Venerable vodkas
  • Wonderful whiskies

The star of The Chocolate Cake Martini, however, is their signature 48 Blocks Chocolate Martini. This unique blend combines Little Water’s exceptionally pure 48 Blocks Vodka, high-quality Guatemalan cacao nibs, and handcrafted Costa Rican vanilla extract. Alongside this sensational spirit, The Chocolate Cake Martini also features:

  • A thick, rich, and creamy strawberry float that’s mixed and malted to perfection
  • Hand-shaved chocolate flakes from local chocolate artisan Bar 32 sprinkled atop for the pièce de résistance

With an irresistibly sweet, decadent, and indulgent flavor, The Chocolate Cake Martini is the ultra-luxurious way to celebrate five years of fun at Ocean Casino Resort. Unfortunately, it can’t be our birthday every day of the year, so this devilishly dashing drink is only available for a limited time. 

How to Get Your Lips on These Limited-Edition Beverages

Whether you’re a seeker of sensational suds or a craver of carefully-crafted cocktails, Atlantic City is the place to be this summer.

Seeds of the Ocean, our signature birthday beer, will be available at a variety of locations both inside Ocean Casino Resort, and out. To get a cold pour, stop by:

Alongside these sizzling spots, Ocean Casino Resort will be offering Seeds of the Ocean at our Birthday Bar Pop-Up Bar (set to open June 30). And, if The Chocolate Cake Martini is more your speed, our Birthday Bar will be the only place to try it outside of the Little Water Distillery.

Come celebrate Ocean Casino Resort’s fifth birthday with us this summer. Exhilarating times and gourmet beverages await!


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