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High-level view of The Gallery sports-betting venue with gaming tables, big screens and lounge areas

The Action Arrives with New Sports Betting at Ocean Casino Resort

Published: July 2022

Atlantic City, known fondly as the World’s Playground, has a long and storied gambling history. Despite being outlawed at the time, the Prohibition era ushered in a wave of social gambling in Jersey—from slot machines to bets at the Freehold Raceway.


Sports betting is making some waves of its own in recent years. High-rolling executives, eager bachelor parties, and destination tourists flock to the Boardwalk to beat the odds.


And Ocean Casino Resort is thrilled to announce that we’re riding the wave too with our spick-and-span Gallery Bar, Book, & Games experience, fitted with multiple betting windows, an elevated bar and lounge, and slots and table games for the ultimate VIP Atlantic City sports book experience.


Your VIP Sports Betting Atlantic City Experience

As you walk through the doors of The Gallery, you’ll encounter the action head-on. Stretching above the entrance at 100 feet sits the bar and lounge, which curates a collection of wager-worthy cocktails, including:


  • Monday Morning Quarterback – Casamigos Blanco tequila, Cointreau, and corona, finished with lime and a salt rim


  • High Roller – Brugal 1888 rum, peach schnapps, blue curaçao, and sprite


  • Tea’d Up – Stoli vodka, tanqueray gin, bacardi superior rum, triple sec, chambord, simple syrup, and sprite


With a beverage in hand, you can bring your bets to the table. Sports fans and fortuitous risk takers can place sports wagers at betting windows or kiosks, stay and play a while, or head upstairs to The Balcony Bar to watch the games live.


How Sports Betting Works

If you have ever been to your favorite sports bar and made a friendly wager about who was going to win the night’s game, you already understand the basic concept of sports betting: picking the winners.


Of course, sports betting at a casino sportsbook ups the ante. Gambling Atlantic City is a whole new ball game. At Ocean Casino Resort, you’re walking into an immersive experience that puts sports betting at the center of the action. Here are some of the terms you’ll need to know:


  • Sportsbook – This is simply the term for where you place your bets. The next time you’re in Ocean Casino Resort, just ask for the sportsbook and you’ll be on your way to our two betting windows.
  • Action – As with other forms of gambling, the action refers to the bets that have already been placed.
  • Favorite/Underdog – The favorite refers to the team most likely to win. The underdog refers to the team less likely to win. Whether you bet on the favorite or the underdog will affect the odds you get and your potential payout.
  • Handicap – Sometimes, sportsbooks handicap games to even the odds. You may refer to this handicap as “the spread.” In baseball, it may also be called the “run line” or in hockey the “puck line.”
  • Vig – Sometimes referred to as “the juice,” this is a piece of every bet that the bookie takes to ensure their profits. Back when bets were placed surreptitiously, this may have been an actual cash amount. However, in casino sportsbooks, you’re much more likely to see the vig worked into the odds.


Understanding the Odds

Odds in a sportsbook are likely to be written one of two ways:


  • Moneyline odds – You’ll see these a lot in most sportsbooks. These odds show you how much money you can make in relation to $100. With moneyline odds a “-” means that team is favored whereas a “+” denotes the underdog.

    If you have “-” odds it means you have to bet that amount to win $100 (so -160 means a $160 bet would win $100 if it hits). And “+” odds show how much you win for a $100 bet (so +160 means a $100 bet would win $160).

  • Fractional odds – You’ll see these bets most often in relation to a futures bet (where you bet on a team or player to win a tournament before it begins). This denotes how much you can win in the form of a fraction. For example, if you bet someone to win a tennis tournament at 20/1 odds, then a bet of $100 could win you $2,000 if it hits.


Odds can also be written in decimal fashion, but you’re unlikely to see that in a sportsbook. Understanding moneyline and fractional odds will have you well positioned to understand most bets.


Types of Bets

When it comes to sports gambling, there are so many different ways to bet it would take a guide as long as the Boardwalk to explain them all. However, there are a few types that tend to be dominant across all sports betting (regardless of the sport). These include:


  • Moneyline bets – These are straight bets on who will win the game. If the Lions are playing the Packers, you only have to say who will win the game. However, the odds will be adjusted: If the Packers are favored, you’ll have to bet a lot on them to get the same payout as a bet on the Lions would net.
  • Spread bets – The spread is a tool sportsbooks use to handicap matchups. In that same Lions-Packers matchup from above, maybe the spread is +8.5 for the Packers. That means for a bet on the Packers to win, they need to win by 9 or more points. Conversely, a bet on the Lions is a winner if they win or if they lose by 8 or fewer points.

    With spread bets, the handicap has evened the odds. That means a bet on either side will have a similar payout.

  • Over/Under – In this type of bet, who wins doesn’t matter. Instead, you’re betting on the final score. If the over/under of the Lions-Packers game was set at 42, you need to decide whether the teams will combine to score more or less than 42. If you think it’ll be high scoring, bet the over. If it’s going to be a defensive battle, bet the under.


There are many more bet types than this, but knowing these three types will start you out on good footing to enter the VIP sports betting experience.


How to Read a Line

Now that you understand the basics of odds and bets, let’s take a look at a hypothetical line you might see:


  • Teams       Moneyline               Spread                           Over/Under
  • Lions            +320                     -8.5 (-110)                       o42 (+130)
  • Packers        -180                      +8.5 (-105)                      u42 (-110)


Moneyline Column

What can we tell from this line? Based on the Moneyline column we can see the Packers are favored. It will take a $180 moneyline bet on them to win $100. On the other side, a $100 moneyline bet on the Lions could win $320 if they pull out the victory.


Spread Column

The spread is 8.5 points to the Packers. So the Packers have to win by more than 8.5 (9 or more) for a bet on them to payout. The number next to the spread shows the payouts. It will take a $110 spread bet on the Lions to pay out $100. And it takes a $105 spread bet on the Packers for the same payout.


Over/Under Column

Lastly, we have the over/under set at 42. If you bet the over, a $100 bet pays $130. If you go for the under, you need to lay $110 to win $100. If the final score of the game adds up to exactly 42 then the bet is considered a push. There are no winners and you get your initial stake back.


Be a VIP (Very Important Player) at Ocean Casino Resort

With the betting basics under your belt and a balcony-crafted cocktail in hand, you can set the odds for a winning vacation at Ocean Casino Resort.


Our sports betting experience is open every day, so get ready to play.


We’re more than a destination—we’re an experience. Whether you’re watching the game live at The Balcony Bar, soaking in the sun at our pools and cabanas, or celebrating at HQ2 Nightclub, Ocean Casino Resort is a hip haven of happenings.


For across-the-board fun, book Ocean Casino Resort.






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