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5 Ways To Get Swept Up in Sports Betting at Ocean Casino Resort

Published: September 2022

5 Ways To Get Swept Up in Sports Betting at Ocean Casino Resort 

Sports betting at Ocean Casino Resort can feel a lot like surfing a 50-foot wave. Let us explain.

With a bucket of chips in hand from previous hours spent at the slots, you emerge into the sports betting arena already victorious, sun-kissed in gold. As you dive in, your carefully curated betting strategy keeps you afloat as the competition begins. In the initial plays, the wave of excitement begins to roll in, rocking you back and forth. But it isn’t until the winning play that you’re exalted to monumental heights and glide to shore victorious. 

If you’re a sports fan, you’re already well-versed in the ebb and flow of professional sports—show off your skills at Ocean Casino Resort, where our premier Atlantic city sports betting venue is sure to keep you cool as your winnings roll in.

#1 Walk Out With Gold

As sports fans, we already follow our teams with the meticulousness of a hermit crab looking for its next shell. We can tell you who’s playing well, who’s injured, and who’s up-and-coming. 

Many times, we even have a good idea of who will win a game before it starts. Now's the time to take that knowledge and test your odds at Ocean Casino Resort’s VIP sports betting experience at The Gallery Bar, Book & Games where you can bet wagers in the ultimate live sporting venue.

Let’s say you were to place a $100 bet at +550 odds on a team that you know will win. Lo and behold your team wins and you walk out with $550. That’s not a bad payday. 

But it’s worth remembering that while you can win money, there’s no guarantee you will win money. Sportsbooks like ours set odds so that the more likely something is to happen, the more money you’ll have to bet for a big payday. And sports are inherently unpredictable (which is why we love them). 

With that in mind, there are some rules worth following when you start casino sports betting:


  • Only bet what you can comfortably lose – You don’t want a bad day to result in you not being able to pay your bills. It’s smart to assume that you will lose your bets. That way each win will be sweeter and no loss will be devastating.
  • Set a bankroll for yourself – This is the limit you will bet for any given period. The hope is that you’ll leave with more than you entered, but by setting a limit you know that even your worst days will only hurt so much.
  • Don’t go on tilt – Sports betting will inevitably lead to the occasional bad beat. It happens to us all. The key is not to start chasing and betting emotionally. That’s how a bad beat turns into a very bad day.

#2 Ride The Highs and Lows of the Game

Has your favorite baseball team ever been in the World Series? If so, you know how important each pitch can feel. You spend over three hours on the edge of your seat, hoping your team will eke out more runs than the opponent.

But what about when your team isn’t playing? You may still love the sport, but that same level of excitement and exhilaration just isn’t there. 

That is, unless you have some money on the action. 

At Ocean Casino Resort, our VIP sports betting experience allows you to easily place bets at two betting windows, or you can build your bet on your phone or tablet to receive in-game odds, top picks, and tips. It’s a fantastic way to up your engagement and feel the thrill, even during games where you otherwise would have no rooting interest.

#3 Hang Ten With Other Sports Fans

Let’s consider the fantasy draft for a moment. Why do people play fantasy? It can be a frustrating game where your team is affected by injuries and the vagaries of who scores touchdowns in a normal NFL game. 

You may have a great fantasy team and still end up losing because the team you were matched against started a random TE who inexplicably scored 3 times this week.

So why do we do it? Because it’s an excuse to hang out with friends, compete, and engage in some good-natured fun throughout the season. There are few things as exciting as a bit of sports betting with your buddies.

And it’s especially true when you meet up in an environment like The Gallery Bar, Book & Games at Ocean Casino Resort. 

Have your draft, enjoy some drinks, and come back week after week to monitor fantasy football live results on our 140 feet of LED walls. And while you’re here, be sure to take advantage of the other amenities of The Gallery Bar, Book & Games such as:


  • Blackjack and roulette tables
  • Live sports betting windows
  • Balcony Bar, our mezzanine bar and lounge

#4 Snack On a Swell of Stadium Bites and Trendy Sips

Balcony Bar, located just above The Gallery, is your go-to spot to recharge between plays. To cool off, dine on:


  • Hummus and vegetable crudités
  • House-made chips and onion dip
  • Chilled jumbo shrimp in a cocktail sauce
  • Turkey club sliders prepared with applewood smoked bacon

Or, to turn up the heat you can fill your plate with:


  • Soft pretzel sticks paired with warm queso, chorizo, and jalapeño
  • Steamed pork and shrimp dumplings
  • Buffalo tenders with bleu cheese and celery
  • Vegetable spring rolls complete with a sweet chili dipping sauce

There are also a bounty of beers, specialty cocktails, and wines, alongside craft cocktails that truly hit it out of the park.

#5 Bask In The Legality

Right about now, you may be thinking to yourself, wait, when did NJ sports betting become legal? The answer is 2018. The Supreme Court decision MURPHY, GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY, ET AL. v. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSN. ET AL. made it legal for individual states to legalize sports betting. 

And New Jersey wasted no time in doing so.

In 2018, the state legislature passed Sports Wagering Law, PL 2018 and Governor Murphy (of the aforementioned Supreme Court case) signed it into law, making sports betting legal in the state. That’s why you can now enjoy sports betting in venues like Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City.

Of course, it’s worth noting that while sports betting is now legal, that does mean all winnings are considered taxable income, which is something to keep in mind the next time you hit on a big payday. 

Drop Into Ocean Casino Resort’s VIP Sports Betting Experience

When you enter Ocean Casino Resort’s VIP Betting Experience, you’re guaranteed a good time. From ample betting opportunities to trendy bars, snacks, and cocktails, you’ll be nose-deep in the impact zone—and loving it. 

We’re your go-to for social betting, whether it’s a big game night or a night out. In addition to our sportsbook, The Gallery Bar, Book & Games also features blackjack, roulette tables, and slot machines. (Oh my.)

Make the drop at the best place to bet on sports in Atlantic City: Ocean Casino Resort. 

We’re always ready to play.


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