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8 Things That Will Enhance Your Casino Resort Experience

Published: July 2022

If there’s one thing you should never slapdash, it’s your vacation—unless you’re slapping on some sunscreen and dashing to the nearest pool, that is.


That said, when planning a vacation to an Atlantic City casino resort, you want to choose the best resort. You know, the one that allows you to soak in warm cerulean waters, dine on delectable international dishes, and bask in world-class entertainment.


Knowing what amenities and deals to hold out for can help you discover an Atlantic City casino and resort that checks all the boxes—and then some. Because booking your resort should never feel like a gamble.


#1 Rewards Opportunities

Travel experts recommend resorts for people who want to spend their vacation in uninterrupted bliss, whether you’re unwinding at a zen bathhouse or winding up for an all-night dance-club experience. But how can you pick the best oasis for you?


When evaluating Atlantic City resorts and casinos, check out their rewards opportunities. The resort might offer:


  • Atlantic City casino deals – Some resorts may offer discounts on certain dates or when you book with a larger group. You can reach out to the resort or check their website to see if you can cut a few costs on your vacation plans with a few Atlantic city hotel discounts.


  • Atlantic City casino packages – Some resorts offer packages that bundle certain services like dining or spa experiences with the cost of your hotel room. You can ask the resort directly or browse their website to see if you might be able to find a package that takes your vacation to the next level.


  • Atlantic City rewards opportunities – What’s better than visiting a resort you think you’ll love? Going back to a resort you know you love. If you join a resort's rewards program, you can accumulate points and enjoy exclusive perks. While not every resort has a rewards program, the ones that do stand out from the crowd.


Taking the time to ask about deals, packages, and rewards programs can help you make the most of your budget for a worry-free vacation that doesn’t break the bank.

#2 State-of-the-Art Concert Venues

Electric live entertainment is essential for any Atlantic City vacation. That said, look for a resort that ushers out-of-this-world entertainers to its doors—from comedy shows to MMA fights.


An on-site entertainment venue, nightclub, or lounge allows guests to easily transition from getting their daily sun to indulging in nightly fun. Depending on your interests, look for a venue that hosts:


  • Big name rock ‘n’ roll concerts
  • Stand-up comedy from world-class comedians
  • Local musicians
  • Sporting events
  • Distinguished DJ setlists


Pro-tip: When considering a resort and casino vacation, take a peek at their upcoming show schedule. This can show you what caliber of talent they attract. And if you see an upcoming performer you adore, you might even consider rescheduling your vacation to catch their show.


#3 Delicious Dining

Let’s face it—delicious, drool-worthy cuisine is a must when searching for the perfect Atlantic City casino resort. To find a resort that’s the apple of your eye and the star of your stomach, look for an accommodation that features:


  • A swanky classic design – Think deep booths, juicy steaks, top-shelf whisky. The kind of place that practically begs you to dress up, slow down, and make a night of it.


  • An exciting chef-driven experience – Imagine upmarket tapas or delectable Italian dishes. Whatever your desired genre of food, look for a chef that curates a unique menu for a one-of-a-kind dining experience you can’t get anywhere else.


  • A modern gastropub – Perfect for lunch, or the nights when you’d rather slip into your softest t-shirt than your cocktail attire. The best resorts feature a comfortable atmosphere where you can savor a burger and laugh with friends.


  • An all-day happy hour – Somewhere where you can get your game and drink on. The menu and games might vary (TopGolf anyone?) but this space should always feel welcoming, laid-back, and hella fun.


Whether you go to the same restaurant over and over or try a different one every night, there’s something intoxicating about a wealth of dining options designed to offer you exactly what you want—when you want it.


#4 Soothing Spa Experiences

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. As you exhale, imagine yourself fully robed in the softest of fabrics as a fountain delicately trickles behind you. To your left sits a jetted pool and jacuzzi and to your right, just through a set of doors, is a Himalayan salt grotto where you can relax, recharge, and rekindle your love of life.


A top-quality casino and resort should always offer a respite from the real world. Look for a spa experience that features:


  • Facials to relax your face and brighten your skin


  • Lash and brow services to make you feel like a model, right before you take all those vacation photos


  • Deep massage options that can give your tense muscles the kind of pleasure you forgot existed


  • Balmy steam rooms and saunas for full-body detoxification and relaxation


Whether you’re a spa novice or a certified relaxation aficionado, an onsite spa can help you truly savor every second of your vacation.


#5 Exhilarating Nightclub

If you fantasize about a night dancing amongst jetting neon lights, luminous disco balls, and an avalanche of confetti, a resort nightclub is a luxury you can’t sacrifice.


The resort nightclub is conveniently located just steps away from your hotel room, which means you can easily head to bed whenever you feel tired or keep dancing until the sun comes up and catch breakfast at the hotel’s cafe. 


You can even check out a nightclub’s schedule ahead of time to get a sense of who’s playing, and which night will best fit your crew’s vacation vibe.


#6 Sizzling Beach Club

Keep the party going all day long with an outdoor club venue. One of the best things about vacation is the freedom to live in the moment and lose track of time. So look for activities, clubs, and amenities that will have you living your best life from dawn to dusk to dawn again.


(But seriously, do sleep at some point. Otherwise what’s the point of that blissful hotel suite with the heavenly sheets?)


#7 Sun-Drenched Pools & Cabanas

Whether you want to swim a few laps on vacation or languidly lounge by the water, we love resorts with a gorgeous selection of pools and cabanas. They’re the perfect locale to soak up some rays—and some cocktails—while laughing with your friends or flipping through the latest beach read.


And it gets even better—spending time in the sun and swimming have both been linked to increasing your endorphins. Even science backs us up here: You deserve a resort with unparalleled pools.


#8 Across-The-Board Fun and Gambling

The best casinos are like sirens—and we’re not talking about the flashy, noisy kinds (although they’ll certainly keep you on your toes). No, we’re talking about the sirens of seafaring mythology.


The best resort casinos beckon you with their glamor and beauty, and pull you in for an immersive experience that submerges you in an arena of slot machines, table games, and premier bar amenities.


When picking your resort and casino destination, we recommend you look for a casino with:


  • Scenic views
  • Live entertainment
  • A reputation for high-energy fun
  • Exciting slot machines
  • Sportsbook betting
  • Action-packed table games


If all of that sounds like a high bar to clear, we have just the recommendation for you.


Choose Ocean Casino Resort for a Vacation That Could Win Awards. Literally.

At Ocean Casino Resort, we serve up memorable vacations on a silver platter. We’ve got it all. Exciting nightlife, award-winning chefs, the premiere performance venue in Atlantic City, an industry-leading loyalty program, and, according to Casino Player Magazine, the best hotel rooms in Atlantic City.


If you’re looking for a lucky sign, this is it. Check out—and check into—Ocean Casino Resort for a vacation experience that plays as hard as you do. Book your stay today.



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