One of the most prominent and well-down traditions to occur during the Lunar New Year is enjoying a “reunion” dinner with family on New Year’s Eve. This year’s Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year) falls on February 1st and Zhen Bang Noodle & Sushi is the definitive place to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Ocean Casino Resort. From Friday January 28th through Tuesday February 15th, Zhen Bang will be celebrating the Lunar New Year showcasing the eclectic Asian delicacies that Zhen Bang is well-known for, incorporated into a specialty menu that symbolize wealth, love and harmony.

The menu offerings for Lunar New Year spotlight several traditional facets of the holiday. To symbolize Wealth, the Golden Buddha’s Delight Roll has Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Mushrooms, Seas Moss, Vermicelli, Bean Curd Wrapper and a Crispy Golden Batter. Symbolizing the Love of Two People we are offering the Twin Crispy Squab, consisting of a Two Spiced & Braised Squab, a zesty Sichuan Spiced Salt, and Lemon. To symbolize Good Health & Energy, the Lobster with Glass Noodles and Minced Pork is an excellent choice (consisting of Stir-Fried Whole Northern Atlantic Lobster-in-Shell, Spicy Minced Pork, and Glass Noodles. Symbolizing Harmony, the Poon Choi options can fit both 2-4 people or 6-8 people. Most notably in Hong Kong, this is a classic Cantonese Cuisine that is intended for sharing. Merging proteins and vegetables in a large vessel (a “casserole” dish” of sorts), the Poon Choi combines Abalone, Chicken, Prawns, Roasted Pork, Mushrooms, Sea Moss, Vermicelli, and Cabbage.

This year is the Year of the Tiger, so there is no better time to get a little adventurous with your choice of cocktails at Zhen Bang. While many may stick to the more traditional glass of wine or festive bottle of bubbly, the Sake at Zhen Bang (single or by the bottle) remains the best and most potent around. Additionally, Zhen Bang has a selection of Japanese beers like Asahi and Sapporo, giving you the opportunity to try a unique style of libation while enjoying a traditionally amazing meal at Zhen Bang.

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