Ocean Season of Giving Avanzar LogoAs Ocean’s Season Of Giving initiative continues, Avanzar is one of the worthy organizations that Ocean Casino Resort has chosen to support with donations. Not only does this organization continue to help women and families in crisis in a multitude of ways, but it also offers child care and educational options for those that may have limited to no options available to them. 
Built from a combination of increasing domestic violence calls and few resources for social services, five “founding mothers” formed a 24-hour rape & sexual assault counseling hotline now known as Avanzar (formerly known as The Women’s Center) directly from their own homes. In the decades since their inception, Avanzar has evolved and flourished, now including a Violence Intervention Program, a Child Care Network, and a Home to Work Program, among other services. 
Ocean Casino Resort Season of Giving AvanzarAs the needs in their community have evolved, Avanzar’s services have expanded to suit those needs; they’ve worked to secure physical safety, individual freedom & economic quality during their thirty-five years in business. During their almost four decades, they have grown from a small volunteer hotline in 1975 to working to help women and families in crisis utilize safe houses (1977) to adding the Child Care Network and the Home to Work program to their roster (1986-1996). In recent years, they have added a Women Source Training Institute (2000) combining the training and education pieces of all the programs and coordinated training space as well. 
Ocean Season of Giving Avanzar DonationAvanzar continues to honor their ongoing mission to empower women by working to secure their physical safety, emotional well-being, individual freedom, and economic equality. It is with that in mind that Ocean will be donating tote and toiletry bags, toiletries, socks, and hats to Avanzar this holiday season.


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