Stemming from a small day program that started in a church basement, Adelaide’s Place has evolved into a true community mainstay. While the organization originally offered women a respite and fellowship from their situation at home, Adelaide’s Place is now able to offer access to a broad range of resources for women in crisis.

Originally named for Marie Adelaide de Cice, who during the height of the French Revolution, worked with women in need during the late 1700’s, Sister Patty Prendergrast (who serves as Director) has picked up that mantle and is now able to offer those that visit Adelaide’s Place a variety of resources. Access to social workers and health care, as well as housing support are offered to those that visit Adelaide’s Place today. Additionally, Sister Prendergrast has a staff of volunteers who are able to assist not just the women that come into Adelaide’s Place, but entire families that are in need in the community. They offer homeless and disenfranchised women everything from arts and crafts classes to nutrition classes, and a reading room, all in an effort to provide them with a variety of services that work towards improving their quality of life.

As part of our Season of Giving campaign (through November and December of 2021) and through our Team Member Drive, our team members worked directly with Adelaide’s Place, supplying them with items that those who utilize the services at Adelaide’s Place can use the most. Ocean donated winter items like coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to the facility, as well as socks, underwear and toiletry items which are always in need. Additionally, feminine products were donated, which tend to be an expensive item, and one that the staff at Adelaide’s Place keeps on hand for the homeless women that visit them throughout the year.

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