In partnership with Luxor Capital Group, Ocean Casino Resort donated $15,000 to the AtlantiCare Foundation’s Growing Green Garden initiative. The purpose of the program is to both create and sustain local community gardens to improve the nutrition practices of both the youth and adults through the growing and cultivating of healthy and sustainable foods.

Ocean Casino Resort’s donations were utilized specifically for two of our local organizations in the North Beach Community, the Uptown School Complex and the Absecon Lighthouse.  The Uptown School Complex received two indoor garden towers, that can be utilized to grow plants within classrooms, as well as to be used as an educational tool throughout the school year.  These garden towers are able to actually bushel vegetables, with each tower growing thirty two plants at a time. The Complex also received outdoor garden beds, plants and garden tools, which the teachers and students assembled.

The Complex received everything that burgeoning horticulturists would need, from deliveries of soil, watering cans, shovels and rakes.  Looking forward to when their healthy harvest comes in, the Complex wants to use the plants to teach the kids how to make smoothies and other nutritional snacks, and looking to the future, would like to use additional funds donated to purchase several industrial size juicers!  Principal Ananda M. Davis expressed her gratitude for the donations,

“Ocean Casino Resort’s support of Uptown School Complex and the students in the North Beach community has been absolutely amazing!  We are so delighted to have the support of Ocean Casino Resort and we honor them for modeling what it means to be a pillar in the community.”

For the beloved Absecon Lighthouse, their irrigation system was in dire need of a complete overhaul.  With the donation Ocean provided, the Lighthouse was able to have a brand-new pump installed which will get the water to all their beds, totaling a $3,900 investment.  In addition to the pump, the Lighthouse received new plants and signage for their beds.  Most of the the garden beds are meticulously maintained by devoted individual community members, but the Lighthouse staff continues to maintain several of the beds for educational purposes.  Ocean is proud to partner with this historic icon in Atlantic City, which continues to support the surrounding community members with healthy gardening options.  Community members and visitors to Atlantic City are welcome to tour New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse by climbing 228 steps to the top, while also enjoying the history of the lighthouse.