From July 12 to August 20, Ocean Casino Resort team members had been working diligently to donate school supplies and backpacks to benefit local students at Uptown School Complex, Pennsylvania Avenue School, The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City and Leaders in Training. As the drive comes to a close, Ocean is proud to announce that we have surpassed our expectations in donations for our North Beach neighbors.

The goal set for the drive was 300 backpacks. Our tireless efforts resulted in almost 550 backpacks collected! Two of our valued and loyal vendors donated 175 backpacks, and our team worked diligently right up to the end of the campaign to donate the remaining 366 bags.

While the backpacks are crucial to send the kids back to school with, team mem bers donated everything that the kids will need to make their new school year their most successful yet, including 675 notebooks, 641 packs of crayons, 833 pens, 467 rulers, 628 glue sticks, 423 pencil sharpeners, 73 packs of markers, 498 pink erasers, 75 pencil cases, 170 highlighters, 101 packs of colored pencils, 150 folders and over 5,000 pencils. Additionally, Ocean Casino Resort will purchase the remainder of supplies needed to ensure all 541 backpacks are equipped with the same supplies.

On August 31, Ocean team members packed all the backpacks with the supplies at Ocean Casino Resort. Team members will deliver the school supplies this week to our community partners to ensure that the students are ready to kick off the 2020-2021 school season as prepared as possible. View the gallery below for more!